Recycling Services in Ooltewah, TN

Interested in recycling but not sure where to start? Let our experienced garbage and recycling collectors at C&M Disposal make going green a breeze. We pick up and transport a wide variety of recyclable materials you and your family use every day. With our single-stream recycling program, you don’t even have to sort your recyclables.

Single-Stream Recycling

We care about our clients’ convenience and want to help them make eco-friendly choices. Not only do we collect a wide variety of materials to recycle, our single-stream recycling system means folks don’t even have to sort the items they recycle. When you choose our recycling services, you can simply put all of your recyclable materials into a single bin. We’ll transport them to a facility where your recyclables will be sorted for you, and we provide a 95-gallon can for recycling use.

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