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C & M Disposal Inc.

serving the Ooltewah area since 1979.

C&M Disposal Inc

Recycling Service We Offer in the Ooltewah Area

Interested in recycling but not sure where to start? Let our experienced garbage and recycling collectors at C&M Disposal make going green a breeze. We pick up and transport a wide variety of recyclable materials you and your family use every day. With our single-stream recycling program, you don’t even have to sort your recyclables.

Single-Stream Recycling

We care about our clients’ convenience and want to help them make eco-friendly choices. Not only do we collect a wide variety of materials to recycle, our single-stream recycling system means folks don’t even have to sort the items they recycle. When you choose our recycling services, you can simply put all of your recyclable materials into a single bin. We’ll transport them to a facility where your recyclables will be sorted for you, and we provide a 95-gallon can for recycling use.

Our Commitment to Recycling

At C&M Disposal, we recognize and proudly support the important role that recycling plays in maintaining our eco-system. That is why we are dedicated to providing a convenient, consistent, and fairly priced Single Stream Recycling service to our community. However, if our recycling services are not available in your area yet, or if you prefer to separate and deliver your own recyclables, we are pleased to provide you with a map of the recycle centers in Hamilton County (click the image to go to google site).

C&M Disposal Inc

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